CSU Announces New Stadium Sessions Concert Series
Not only do Rams fans get to experience game days in a brand new stadium this year, but CSU also just announced another fun addition to home game weekends – the Stadium Sessions season-long music series, featuring over 30 Colorado bands who will be performing free concerts around cam…
The Piano Men at UCCC
Considered to be the best Elton John tribute artist in the market, Craig A. Meyer’s strong vocals, striking resemblance and amazing talent on the piano has audiences everywhere remembering when...
Jewel’s Holiday Homecoming at UCCC
A holiday and family-themed tour featuring Jewel and her band, her father Atz, brother Nikos, and other family members from the hit Discovery TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier”
’70s Soft Rock Classics at UCCC
Four of the ‘70s most iconic musicians perform their greatest hits live at the UCCC on Friday, September 29, 2017! Presenting most of the original band members from Ambrosia, Pure Prairie...

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