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Where Does Denver Rank on the Dirtiest Cities List?
I have always used to think that Denver was a clean city. Grass was well kept, little to no trash along the streets and in the parks. A lot has changed over the years, I'll admit. As a matter of fact, I drove right by Denver's Civic Center Park this weekend and there was so much trash that…
The Olympic Torch is at DIA
If you have been watching the Olympics this winter, you might want to take a trip soon. The Olympic torch that lit the cauldron at the Winter Olympics this year is in Colorado... More specifically, the Denver International Airport!
According to Denver International Airport's Twitter, the torch&a…
Platteville Student Arrested For Making Threats
A Platteville middle school student was arrested on Friday after making threats. The student, a 15 year old boy, of South Valley Middle School allegedly made comments to his friend that he was going to shoot up the school.
The threat of a student put South Valley Middle School into a lockdown th…

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