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10 Memorable Yogi-isms to Celebrate the Life of Yogi Berra
Yogi Berra was much more than just a famous baseball player for the New York Yankees. While he had unmatched talent behind the plate and the amazing ability to lead teams to victories while coaching and managing from the bench, he was also a witty and lovable cultural figure that many looked up to a…
Watch This Girl Dance on a Skateboard, Wow! [Video]
If this doesn't make you feel small in your coordination capabilities, I don't know what will. This beautiful woman named Ana Maria Suzano, from Brazil,  can dance while longboarding. I love how happy and carefree she looks.
Top 5 Best Fort Collins Trails – Updated [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
It was very hard to only pick five trails as my favs in Fort Collins.
I had to update this material, because I hadn't included the northern section of the Poudre Trail and the crazy bridge the spans the Poudre River where Fort Collins slowly becomes Laporte.
I listed it as…

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