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The Campaign to Make it The Colorado Broncos [POLL]
One guy. Just one guy in Commerce City thinks it's time to change from the Denver Broncos to the Colorado Broncos.
According to CBS 4 -Denver, his name is Michael Scanlon, a long time Bronco fan who also works for the Chamber of Commerce, and he believes that changing the name would be more…
Welcome the Latest Denver Bronco: Jamaal Charles
News broke today that former Kansas City Chief's running back, Jamaal Charles has signed with our Denver Broncos according to John Elway's Twitter account:
Excited to have Jamaal Charles join the Broncos. A great addition to our backfield, and we're thrilled we won't have to play …
Denver Broncos Player Demarcus Ware Announces Retirement
After playing 12 seasons in the NFL, Denver Broncos Linebacker Demarcus Ware has announced he is retiring.
Ware took to Twitter to inform and thank fans that he will be leaving the game and not coming back next year. Ware says that he will miss his teammates, coaches and fans that have supported him …
Could Tony Romo Become a Denver Bronco This Week?
Since Peyton Manning left the Broncos, it seems like there is a lack of confidence and leadership on the offensive line. Could it be that a veteran quarterback is what the Denver Broncos need in the locker room?
Rumors are flying around that Romo could be released from the Cowboys this week and the D…

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