After a long battle with deteriorating health, as well as legal struggles among his family members, Casey Kasem passed away on June 15th, Father's Day, at age 82.

He had been suffering from Lewy body dementia, a degenerative disease similar to Parkinson's, and had been hospitalized in critical condition. His family had been involved in a legal battle over his health care and visitation rights and a judge had ruled that daughter Kerri Kasem, who was in charge of his care, be allowed to implement end-of-life measures for the ailing radio personality, against the wishes of his wife and her stepmother, Jean.

[via E! Online.]

Remember when TRI-102.5 used to air Kasem's American Top 40 show every Sunday?  That was some of the best radio out there.  I used to listen to it every week as I drove to the station for my part-time weekend shift.

I can also still remember how excited I was when I realized Kasem was a voice actor as well.  I was watching a newer episode of Scooby Doo, and Shaggy wanted Scooby to hear his "radio voice."  Lo and behold, it was Casey Kasem's voice!

My future wife Robyn couldn't understand why that made me so excited. :)

So rest in peace, Mr. Kasem.  You will be missed.