I remember when my Mom, Dad and I would take one of those long summer drives for a vacation, we'd play 'car games'. So I got to thinking about what those were and was wondering if everyone else had a similar experience..

Listen to what our listeners had to say about the Car Games they played.

  • "Counting the number of accidents"?
  • "Who can be the quietest the longest"? Fun stuff. Just hit play!

One I remember is:
Punch Buggy
Parents usually hate this one but kids love it because it is a good excuse to beat on your siblings or friends. But really, how many families do you know that act like the Brady Bunch? The rules are really simply. Whom ever first sees a Volkswagen beetle slugs everyone else and yells “Punch Buggy”.

Then there was

Scavenger Hunt
Designate a scorekeeper. This person is responsible for creating a treasure list on a piece of paper. Then the rest of you are on the hunt watching for hidden treasures as the miles pass by...cows, blue houses, stop signs...anything your little heart desires. The scorekeeper writes done the name of the person who is the first to find each treasure on the list. The person who finds the most treasures...wins!

License Plate Game
This one is a classic for road trips! The goal is to identify license plates from states other than your home state. You can play as a team or individually to see who can get the most license plates during a certain amount of time.

Alphabet Soup
See who can spot all 26 letters of the alphabet on license plates, road signs, whatever...within a certain amount of time.

Playing these car games can lesson the number of times you hear 'are we there yet'.

What car games did or does your family play?