I saw a guy with a petition at the Safeway on College and Mulberry, so I approached him to see what he was promoting.

I did this because people carrying petitions are one of the beautiful things about being a Coloradan. Any initiative with a certain percentage of signatures can make it on the ballot. Since I've been a Coloradan, I've seen amazing things happen with ballot initiatives, so I'm always curious about new ones.

It turns out that the organization Safe, Clean Colorado is attempting to put numerous initiatives on the ballot.

One concerns an environmental bill of rights for Colorado that would, according to the Denver Post, create an "environmental right to clean air, pure water and natural scenic values."

Others dictate the distances from residences that mining operations can take place.

Initiatives 90 and 93 could give local governments the ability to restrict or prohibit oil and gas operations.

The Colorado Supreme Court approved the language of these ballot initiatives, so if they get enough signatures, we will be voting on them.

Source - Denver Post