The Global Refuge Center in Greeley is hoping to start a camel farm to produce milk and jobs for  refugees now living in the area. However, money and federal regulations stand in the way. Isn't that the way is always goes?

The co-directors at the local Global Refugee Center, Colette West and Asad Abdi want to create a camel farm in Weld County. According to the Greeley Tribune, they plan to produce camel’s milk for consumption. Plus, a local camel farm could be a job creator and source of income for refugees in Greeley.

The potential camel farm, which is already being called “Camelot,” could produce milk for making and selling butter, ice cream, soaps and other items. The farm would also produce and sell camel meat.

The camel farm could also be a money-maker as a tourist attraction. The Global Refugee Center has a location picked out for the farm, just northeast of Greeley.