If you're a fan of grabbing a drink with your friends at Cables in Greeley, you're going to have to change your routine--at least, until they get their liquor license back.

The Greeley Tribune reports Cables, at 1923 59th Ave., temporarily lost its liquor license as punishment for two separate violations back in 2011.

Cables is serving a five day suspension for a sting in August and 10 days from a March 2011 offense that were deferred for a probation period. The 2011 offense also included a violation of state gambling laws.

(Owner Keith Johnson) said that violation happened because a man at the bar was rolling dice. Cables paid a fine and deferred its license suspension pending a probation period with no other instances, but the violation in August meant days of suspension for both violations.

Johnson said the August violation occurred when a bartender asked for a patron’s ID but miscalculated the patron’s age during the sting. He said his employees are trained and certified at the state level, but this was an unfortunate mistake.

Johnson insists that, prior to these instances, Cables hasn't had a liquor license suspension in 41 years.

Cables will return to normal operation, including it's popular weekly drink specials, once the suspension is up after June 6th.