Cable TV, satellite, just the internet, or none of the above? It's a topic that I've discussed with friends, co-workers and researched on the internet, and from what I've learned, it simply comes down to personal preference. I've had cable TV in the past, and most of my life, but for the last two years I've had satellite. Both seem to offer about the same quality product, TV. Seems pretty simple, but with the internet and so many choices, I thought I'd my own research and ask you.

Bundling communication services seems to be the new norm in communications (combining your internet, TV, and if you have land line service, your home telephone) into one package at a more reasonable rate.

There are also many consumers moving toward internet only, and dropping cable and satellite TV. With the internet, watching TV shows online is very much available via Hulu, Veho, YouTube and others and streaming movies to their TV's or game consoles in High Def. I'm toying with the idea of going back to cable TV since I already have cable internet.

So, I though I'd ask you, what do you prefer or have? Cable or satellite TV, internet, or none of the above?