The secret is out... Fort Collins is an awesome place! I don't know that I have ever heard our little piece of Northern Colorado called underrated, and whether or not to be proud of that or not, but I do know that it's cool to get recognized nationally. 

Buzzfeed, which is the internet's king of making lists, recently put together a list of "14 Underrated Places You’ll Really Want To Move To." To me, that means places that either have a bad rap, or none at all. However as I got to looking at the list I noticed that the title of the list may be a little deceiving. The list is actually 14 places you probably didn't think of, but you'd really like to live in if you could just pack all your stuff up, quit your job, and live anywhere you wanted.

Fort Collins was ranked number seven on the list, and was explained to readers as "one of the best hybrids of college students and cowboys. It’s a super-friendly town with more microbreweries than you can count."

So since you already live here, or near here, the only places that are better, if you are thinking about moving, are Portland, ME, Asbury Park, NJ, Sun Valley, ID, Provincetown, MA, Burlington, VT, or Eugene, OR. See ya!