It seems like at least once a week or more I am writing about another national top ten list that Fort Collins has made for something cool we do here. We live here, so we can sometimes take for granted how awesome it really is, but when people who don't live here say it's the greatest place in the world it's a great reminder of how lucky we are! 

Buzzfeed is that website that creates all, or at least most of, the lists that you always see going around Facebook. Millions of people visit the site everyday, and everyone who made it part of their internet journey today now knows that Fort Collins is the greatest place on planet earth!

The list simply called "24 Reasons Fort Collins, Colorado Is The Greatest City On Earth" talks a lot about beer and even calls FoCO the "beer capital of the world." There is no shortage of outdoor activities that make the list, lots of food, and some other places that make Fort Collins great!

Check out the whole list here, and when you lay down and think your lucky stars before bed tonight, don't forget to be thankful that you live in or near the greatest city on planet earth!