We went to the post office yesterday.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad. We were the couple that made it take longer because our packages were incorrectly wrapped (sorry!). But we were in and out in time to catch Star Wars.
And, our packages should make it to Pittsburgh on time.
It was the priority mail deadline, and the shippers and mailers are working at a frenzied pace. The USPS delivered some thirty million packages and letters yesterday alone.

The key to getting your package to your loved ones on time? Zip code. It's all about the clear zip code. Write it, type it, etch it, whatever you do, make it legible and make it prominent. The majority of sorting is done by zip code.

Did you miss the Priority deadline? Well you have one more chance. As you'll hear in the video from TheDenverChannel.com, you can Priority Express as late as Wednesday and expect it to be there in most locations by Christmas Day.