Craigslist is a great place for selling things, finding cheap stuff, job postings and missed connections. However, if a bike thief is dumb enough to steal your bike and post it for sale on there, you might be able to steal it right back.

At least that’s what a Boulder woman did.

According to KMGH, a woman had parked her bike outside the Lazy Dog on Friday night to watch a football game and she didn’t lock it up. When she left her bike was nowhere to be found. She reported the theft to police and, with her roommate’s help, started scouring Craigslist for her Trek bike.

Sure enough, there was a picture of her stolen bike, complete with taped-up water bottle holder for sale. She sent an email and arranged to look at the bike. The 18-year-ol seller gave her his cell phone number and texted her the address of his apartment complex. She says she called police so they would come, but they couldn’t do anything without an exact address.

So, she showed up, looked at the bike and asked if she could take it for a ‘test ride.’

I started riding it and I knew it was my bike, so I just kept riding it. (I) rode it to my car and then threw it in my car and then drove away.

After that she gave police his exact address and they showed up and got him to confess stealing the bike.

There is a lot of stupidity in this story.

First, this girl leaves her bike unlocked outside a sports bar on a Friday night? Sad as it may be, that’s just asking for trouble. And meeting a stranger who stole your bike? that's a pretty gutsy, yet very dangerous move. I think she's lucky her bike wasn't stolen by a more sinister crook.

Second, this kid sees the bike, grabs the bike, and has it for sale on Craigslist that same night? If something like an expensive bike was stolen from me Craigslist is one of the first places I’d look. (P.S. What a scumbag.)

Third, the police couldn’t show up with the girl because they didn’t have an exact address, just an apartment complex? That seems exact-enough to me, can you imagine what would be going on if she’d been hurt pulling her little vigilante stunt because police wouldn’t come help her? There’s a PR disaster waiting to happen!