Our thoughts and prayers are going out to pop music legend Billy Joel, as his mom passed away July 13th at the age of 92.

Showbiz Ireland/Getty Images

Billy Joel’s mom passed away on July 13th. She was 92.  I remember seeing Billy talk about his upbringing in Levittown, New York in the documentary “Last Play At Shea”. He talked about how his father left the family to move back to Austria, while his mother Rosalind was left to raise Billy and his sister. Raising Billy meant getting him piano lessons. The rest, is history!

Here’s a great quote from his mom from Newsday:

"We always knew he was talented as a kid," Rosalind Joel told Newsday in 2002, at the opening of the Broadway musical, "Movin' Out." "Am I excited? Sure, it's unbelievable . . . But I'll tell you, after 30 years of this, you calm down after a while. To me, he's just a very talented boy and a very good son."

My mom passed away when she was 46, so I can tell you- It's not easy losing your mom; but Rosalind seems to have lived a very fulfilled life.

Rest in peace, Rosalind!

On his 52nd Street album, Billy dedicated a song to his mom—Rosalinda’s Eyes