It's the matching of two classics--Billy Joel and Wrigley Field. Both are as American as apple pie, and sure to blow the people who love the both of them away.

For baseball fans, there aren't many parks that can match up to Wrigley (from what I here, I have yet to have the pleasure). It is one of a kind. Joel will play there on July 18.

When it comes to songwriting, Billy Joel is one of a kind as well. There are few songwriters that have ever mastered the ability to tell stories and sing songs that leave us with a feeling. Some music makes us want to dance. Some just makes us happy. Joel's music is among the best at making us feel ilke we've had an experience, and all we did was play a song on the radio.


The mix of his music with Wrigley should be magic. Now the question is, how do we get him to play Coors Field?