First it was Viagra. Then Cialis and Levitra. I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Now I keep hearing ads on the radio for a testosterone replacement drug (Super-T or something like that). The ad says that not only will it give you a young, muscular body, but your sex drive will be restored to that of your high school days. Who can that possibly be good for?

Now I am all in favor of being in shape, but I'm pretty sure that going for a run and hitting the gym a few days a week will work.

I'm also in favor of a healthy sex life, but there is absolutely no part of high school that I want to revisit. Hey there Mr. 50 year-old. How would you like to have the sex drive of an 18 year-old? Would any of us want that kind of frustration? Talk about being careful what you wish for.

And finally there are the wives. The ones who put up with us already as it is. The last thing our wives really want is for us to have the sex drive of a 17 or 18 year-old. 17 year olds are not interested in cuddling with a cup of tea and a foot massage.

I heard someone warning the other day about the pitfalls of pursing excessive happiness. His point was that if you are truly happy, we should be wary of trying to collect even more 'happy,' because the grass rarely is greener and we may cause more harm than good to our happiness level.

I think Super-T might qualify as trying to collect too much 'happy.'

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