Anytime my fiance and I do anything, we see if we have a coupon for it.  These days, there are coupons for almost anything, from food to dental work; so it helps to know the best places to get them in your neighborhood, right?  Of course!

In our house, the first place we look for coupons is in the ValPak.  When you see that big blue envelope come in the mail every month, don't throw it out with the rest of the junk mail!  There are some amazing deals in there, including free meals at restaurants and discounts on car maintenance.  It might take a couple minutes to fish the coupons you want out of the pile; but trust me, it's worth it!

When I was a college student at CSU, I learned to also stock up on Campus Cash books every semester.  Every August and January, there are stacks and stacks of them all over the CSU campus.  Basically, once you set foot on campus, someone will hand you one (I may be exaggerating, but only a little bit!)  These little beauties are full of money-saving gems.  There may be a couple mixed in that require you to show a student ID; but otherwise there are no restrictions on who can use them, so stock up!  (Side note: As I was writing this, I discovered that there's a Campus Cash Web site as well! CLICK HERE to see what coupons you can get!)

So those are the two big places I use to get great coupons.  Are there any other ones you know of?  Let us know in the comments section below!