The reason I live here in this outdoors paradise is because it's an outdoors paradise! If it weren't for the mountains, I may never have called Colorado home. But it is. And I do. So, here are my most important and gripping posts about our great state's places to play from this year.

This one was an answer to Outside magazine's list of a similar title. The thing about their post was that, like just about everything they feature, the average person has neither the skill or the lunacy required to tackle any of the runs they mentioned. My list is more for John and Jane Q. Passholder, and tourists (gapers).

When the floods hit, they hit hard. It seemed like it could be a long time before we could get to Estes Park. The floods really hit them hard, so as soon as people could get up there, we wanted to let them know how to do it. This is where our websites really compliment our on air efforts in serving the community.

This one is a fan fav because the hot springs are a fan fav. Really, if you haven't experienced them, it's totally a must go. Nothing like it.

Especially if you are flying solo, like me, and are kind of off your rocker crazy, also like me, sleeping in the car in the winter is totally do able. Here is how to do it.