TRI-102.5 has the best of Fort Collins covered. From the best places to bike, the best cheap restaurants, to the best places to take your dog, the best places to cool off and the best places to shop. Here is a look at the best of Fort Collins in no particular order and everything you love about living in Fort Collins.

  • Best Bicycle Trails Around Fort Collins

    Fort Collins is one of the most bike friendly places on the planet. Because of that, there is no shortage of great bike trails that we can use to scoot around town. Whether it is strictly for transportation, enjoyment, or to get you from one great fishing spot to the next along the Cache la Poudre River, the paved bike trails in Fort Collins are pristine, so Paul thought he would list the best bicycle trails around Fort Collins, or the best sections of those trails.

    Paul Wozniak, TRI-102.5
  • Best Thrift Stores in Fort Collins

    Susan Moore values a good deal. Here is her list of the best thrift stores in Fort Collins.

    Susan Moore, TRI-102.5
  • Best Places to Buy Dog Food in Fort Collins – Locally Owned Pet Food Shops

    Many people are focusing on healthier dog food, pet food and dog treats (the kind made without fillers, and bi-products) and like to shop at the smaller pet stores so I thought I'd share a list of some of the best places to get pet food, dog and cat treats and shop at the smaller locally owned pet shops in Fort Collins at the same time.

    cristina.m, Flickr
  • Report: Fort Collins is Safest Driving City in the US

    Here is some peace of mind for all of us driving in Fort Collins.For the second year in a row, Fort Collins has been named “America’s Safest Driving City” by Allstate. According to the Allstate report, Fort Collins residents average an automobile accident just once every 14 years.

  • Best Places to Buy Pumpkins in and Around Fort Collins

    So we know this seasonal and only happens once a year, but when you want to find the perfect pumpkin, we think this list will be helpful.

    DrBacchus, Flickr
  • Best Fort Collins Trails [PHOTOS]

    Going for a hike? Paul shares the best trails in Fort Collins.

    Paul Wozniak, TRI-102.5
  • Fort Collins Horsetooth Swim Drawing National Attention [PHOTOS, INTERVIEW]

    In the most recent years, the Horsetooth Swim is just another reason that Fort Collins is showing up on the national radar. For athletic events, Fort Collins is becoming a destination for various sports. Swimmers in particular are flocking to the picturesque Horsetooth Reservoir for what is coming to be considered one of the best open water swims on the calendar.

    rosepetal236, Flickr
  • Best Poudre River Activities

    We are looking at a rare combination, Fort Collins. The heat of the Colorado summer is here in full force. That means temps in the 90’s, possibly rising to 100, and the increase in moisture that we’ve seen this year has taken away that old phrase we’re so used to, “…but it’s a dry heat”. Here are Paul's five ways to enjoy the Cache la Poudre River this summer.

    Paul Wozniak, TRI-102.5
  • Ghost Stories In Fort Collins [PHOTOS, AUDIO]

    Fort Collins is smack dab in the middle of the old 'Wild West' and full of ghosts? Paul shares ghost stories in Fort Collins and takes us on a ghost tour.

    Paul Wozniak, TRI-102.5
  • Best Places to Cool Off in Fort Collins This Summer

    Here are the top five places to cool off in Fort Collins in the summer.

    Flickr Creative Commons
  • Best Places for a First Date in Fort Collins and Beyond

    We live in the best place in the United States, Fort Collins, Colorado. We are close to just about everything including day trips to the mountains and Denver. Here are the best places for a first date in and around Fort Collins.

    MelvinSchlubman, Flickr
  • Best Places to Take Your Dog in Fort Collins

    Where are the best places to take your dog in Fort Collins? Here is a dog approved list of the five best places to take your dog in Fort Collins.

    Kevin Mussman, TRI-102.5
  • Best Fort Collins Parks [VIDEO]

    Fort Collins best parks according to Paul Wozniak in no particular order because on the scale of wonderful, beauty is in your eye and heart. Here we go.

    Sit Stay, Flickr
  • Famous Landmarks in Fort Collins

    Landmarks are there for us. They remind us we have arrived at home or signal to us that we are not, actually, in our ‘hood' anymore. We pass them covered in snow, and then later in our flip flops and summer gear. Many are the first things to mind when thinking of a destination. Here is our list of the most memorable Fort Collins Landmarks.

    Susan Moore, TRI-102.5
  • Best Cheap Restaurants in Fort Collins

    When we say cheap, we mean it in a good way! These are the restaurants that you can go to eat that won't leave your pockets empty in Fort Collins.

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