There are a few simple reasons that Saddleback Golf Course is one of my ultra favorite courses near Fort Collins.

1. Quality
3. Price
4. Smaller crowds (much of the time)
A Hidden Gem East of I25

I think it may be the location that keeps the crowds away. And please let me be's not like the course is empty all the time, but compared to the city courses in Fort Collins, Loveland and Longmont, it's a dream. I've been there on days that are so beautiful I can barely stand it, and it's like we have the whole place to ourselves. Especially for the way the course plays, it can be surprising how few people are there sometimes.

Saddleback features a lot of water
How does it play?

Amazing. First of all, it's extremely well maintained. Quality greens, fairways, rough and sandtraps, all in tip top shape. The layout is excellent with sand traps just at where you'd hit a shot that went a little out of control to the right or left. There is a lot of water, and part of the course plays like a links style course, marked by a lot of water and few, if any trees.

Plus, they have five different tee boxes. For men, that means you have up to four options to shoot from, so it can be a different course each time you play it. For women, that's a bunch of options as well. And it's not like they just have five markers on one elevated tee...the tees really are spread apart, and when you shoot from the back, it's a long course.


The price is right. For the quality, options and views, it's value and then some. Make sure you check out Saddleback!