This week I set out on a mission to find the “Best French Fries” in Fort Collins. I discovered a couple of things on my French Fry Quest:
1. Fort Collins has a lot of great French Fry options!
2. I like my fries crispy.
3. I seem to have an affinity for truffle oil.

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    Avogadros Number

    Avogadro's Number is a legendary restaurant and music venue near CSU at 605 S. Mason St. in Fort Collins. When I was in college, 25 years ago, they had great French Fries. They still do. The fries are long and crispy and they serve them to order so they don't get limp sitting under a heat lamp. They don't bathe their fries in salt like some other establishments, but you do get your own salt shaker!

    Photos by Todd Harding
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    Taverna Greek Grill

    A friend of mine recommended the fries at Taverna Greek Grill. (4235 S College Ave.) He was right. The presentation was beautiful and the taste equaled the beauty. They put the ketchup right on the plate. For some reason I really liked that. The fries were the definition of crispy goodness. They made a perfect appetizer.

    Photos by Todd Harding & Taverna Facebook
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    Cafe Athens

    What is it about Greek restaurants and French Fries? When I started this blog, I thought Cafe Athens in Front Range Village at Harmony & Ziglar was a slam dunk for best fries in Fort Collins. They were the reason why I started on this journey. Their French Fries are simply delicious. They would be #1 on many lists. I have never had a bad fry at Cafe Athens. I don't think you will either.

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    Lark Burger

    Lark Burger at College and Drake in Fort Collins is where I discovered the wonders of truffle oil. Their “Truffle & Parmesan Fries” are to die for. They are hand cut fries tossed with grated Parmesan, Italian parsley and Truffle oil. I was just stopping in to try their burgers, which aren't bad either, and fell in love with the fries. If you don't go for all the fancy stuff sprinkled on top they have the regular fries, which are hand-cut Russet potatoes. They are wonderful too.

    Larkburger Facebook/Todd Harding
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    Big Al's Burgers & Dogs

    Before I started my fry quest I had honestly never heard of Big Al's Burgers & Dogs. It is on Mountain Avenue just west of College. I am so delighted that I found them. In my opinion, Big Al's has the best French Fries in Fort Collins. Once again I went after their Truffle Fries with white truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, and parsley. They were fun to look at and even more fun to eat. I had already visited 2 fry places earlier in the day and I still couldn't stop eating Big Al's fries. They made my mouth happy. If I am going to spend money on French Fries in Fort Collins it will be at Big Al's Burgers & Dogs.

    Photos by Todd Harding