Men like me look at the skate parks that are available nowadays, and it brings up fond memories. Memories of getting kicked out of loading docks we wanted to skate because of the elevated ledges and smooth pavement. Memories of being kicked off of school grounds we wanted to skate because of the...elevated ledges and smooth pavement.

Pretty much all my memories of skateboarding as a kid involve being kicked out of places. Those are the early 80's prosperity problems we faced in our youth.

Now, kids (and adults) have it made. Colorado has some of the best skate parks in the world and there aren't too many towns that don't have one, if not two or three.

Fort Collins has WONDERFUL skate parks. And the spot where we are hosting 'the Jam', the Northside Skate Park, is one of my favorites.

Thanks, Paul, that was a cute little video of you doing the new trick they call the 'geriatric slide'.

Can we see some real skates schralp this park, please? These guys are pretty much all Fort Collins skaters. There's a lot of talent around here.