As a proud Northern Colorado Wedding DJ and event host, I am lucky enough to see wonderful matrimonial moments unfold. It is amazing to be a part of one of the biggest days in my couple's lives. I help to make it happen with music, announcements, and by basically running the whole show on their wedding day.

The photographers have a different job. They preserve the memory forever. That, to me, sounds like more pressure than my job.

Different photographers see different things. One bride recently said something very funny to me.

All these photographers keep saying 'I just want to capture the moment. You'll look like you do everyday.' I don't want to look like I do every day. I'm paying you thousands of dollars on the biggest day of my life. I want to look like a fashion model, rockstar, and beautiful wife all at the same time.


With that in mind, you can imagine that it takes a lot of talent, skill, experience and gear to be a great Colorado wedding photographer.

My two favorites are tomKphoto and Harper Point.

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Below are two photo galleries. One contains the photos of Harper Point, the other of TomKPhoto. Go through each one and decide which one you like the best overall. You'll see that while both contain shots of amazing beauty and substance, they are quite different in their styles and results.



Harper Point


It's going to be a tough choice. They are both really great and a pleasure to work with.