When I say cheap, I mean it in a good way!! These are the restaurants that you can go to eat cheap in Fort Collins and leave with your taste buds and your appetite totally satisfied. In some particular order, here they are!!

5. The Mountain Cafe - the Mountain Cafe at 226 W. Mountain Ave put the 'grease' in greasy spoon. It's an American tradition that is celebrated at this little nook that you may not know is right on Mountain across from the government building in Old Town, Fort Collins.

4. Hot Wok Cafe - The Hot Wok Cafe offers very good chinese food at a very good price. They serve the college crowd from their location on West Elizabeth and for cheap Fort Collins restaurants, as far as representing the Eastern Hemishphere, it has to be the Hot Wok Cafe. Standouts - Lo Mein and Wonton Soup

3. Five Guys Burgers and Fries - Okay, so what does 'cheap' mean? Five Guys does have a burger that comes in at $6.95, but for the quality and the unlimited toppings, that is a great deal. They are famous all over America, with world domination probably not far behind. The thing that makes Five Guys so great is that they cook everything fresh. They care about flavor and you enjoy it in spades.

2. Pita Pit - West Elizabeth is well represented in this list. This Pita Pit is right across the street from #3 on your Best Cheap Restaurants in Fort Collins Top 5. That's the benefit of having a major university in town. Pita Pit may also lay claim to be the healthiest cuisine on our list, but check that with your health care provider. I eat it, I don't litmus test it. Great food, good price, extra tzatziki please.

And the #1 Best Cheap Restaurant in Fort Collins is.......

#1. BIG CITY BURRITO - So good they have franchises. They started right in Fort Collins, and have taken their flavors to Windsor and beyond.

On July 7, 1994, we introduced Fort Collins to our big, fresh burritos. Since then, people have been lining up around the block, waiting for a taste of something special from our taquería-inspired menu.

Big City Burrito's Phat Tuesday Special takes the prize for price and quality. What's funny is that even as a hardcore carnivore, I still like their Potato Burrito the best, as do many like me. Their menu allows for complete customization and their staff know how to keep a line moving. Even if it's out the door, you probably won't wait much more than 10 to 15 minutes. Here's my favorite order, just go in and say this, "Regular potato on tomato chile with cheese, no onions. 2 scoops of corn, tomatillo, two lines of hot sauce, a little bit of ranch, guac and thank you very much!" Walk out and do as their slogan says...Peel it, eat it, repeat it!!

What are your top 5 cheap restaurants to eat at in Fort Collins?