I am an iPhone and iPad user. Until May 2011, I had a flip phone that did about 5 things. It was a phone, a camera, a recorder and an alarm clock. It performed most of those functions quite well. Well, in May I upgraded all the way to the iPhone 4 and have since gone to the iPhone 4s. So I went from a phone that did 5 things to a device that has almost unlimited potential of what it can do. I still use my phone mostly for calls, text messages and other built in features like the camera, calendar, maps and email, but the world of apps is wonderful. So, here are my Top 5 Apps.

Radio Pup

radioPup is a personalized radio app designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices featuring 160+ local radio stations streaming the best music and news available. Of course I use it to listen to TRI 102.5 when I am out and about, and I also like the Moose out of Bozeman. Great station! It covers many genres including: Country, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop / R&B, Pop, Lite Sounds, Sports, News/Talk, Classic Hits, Rock and more. Now with personalized news, video, photo galleries & audio content from all our local stations and featured national entertainment sites. Also includes personalized weather forecasts and push notifications for timely news and information on the go.

On the Snow Ski Report

I use this one every single day from New Year's Day until baseball season starts. It's a simple list of who got how much snow. It has lists of how many lifts are running, how many trails are open, plus on site cams to see how much snow there is on the tree branches.


Colorado Traffic Cams

This is one of the best out there. Real time photos of highway conditions allows users to have a look at what is happening on the road ahead. Want to know how hard it is really snowing in Georgetown? Is I-25 still backed up? Have a look. WARNING - This one could be very dangerous to operate when a vehicle is in motion.



This app used to be really buggy, but it's performed superbly well since spring 2011. It tracks your activity when you are out running, walking, biking and hiking. It is a great motivator because after I finish a workout I can go back and look at the numbers and the route I took. 3 miles looks more impressive on the screen than it does in my head, and I love to look at (and show off) the route that I took on the workout.

Green Radventures of Nico Book 1

I have a dog in the race here, but what can I say. I am proud of my app! I am a children's book author and my multimedia interactive story is on sale in the app store now. The story educates, entertains and engages kids in lessons about our environment and how we can be a positive part of it. It's character driven, has a custom song written for the story. Hey, it's Paul's top 5, and how could I not put my own app on my top 5 list? :) It is available on iPad and iPhone, and the size of the iPad makes it the better version.