Todd Harding, TSM

After more than 15 years in its Old Town Square location at 101 N. College Ave., Beau Jo's Pizza Restaurant will be moving into the space now occupied by Gelatoland, on the northwest corner of College and Laporte avenues.  Now it looks like the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority will give approval to a new building design for the new restaurant.

According to an article in The Fort Collins Coloradoan: A subcommittee will recommend the full board approve the new plan at its August 8th meeting along with some grant money to help with the cost. An earlier design from Beau Jo's was shot down by the committee.

The new design preserves the natural brick hiding under the existing stucco and plywood facade, eliminates an extensive yellow canopy at the building’s corner and shrinks the size of the restaurant’s proposed sign.

According to the staff at Beau Jo's, they are moving at the end of the summer.

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Todd Harding, TSM