A Greeley woman has to get the rabies vaccination after a bat nibbled on her toes while she slept. Rachel Carnes said she felt something pinching on her feet, so she kicked it off. It turned out to be a bat that was hiding in her bedroom. So far this year, Weld County has . There were just 13 throughout all of 2012.

Greeley Animal Control Office Rod Unrein says Carnes is not the only person to be bitten by a bat while they slept. "We've had an animal control officer that was bitten in bed as well," he said.

Ms Carnes has amassed $2000 in medical bills so far. In Larimer County, 18 people have been treated for exposure to rabies this year. A total of 106 bats caught in that county were examined because of potential exposure to humans or animals.

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