We all need a fun place for our best friends to run around. Bark for you park is a Pet Safe promotion to get $100,000 for a Pet Park for local communities. Why not us?

PetSafe has launched the “Bark for Your Park” contest, where one U.S. city or town will be awarded $100,000 toward building a local dog park. The “Bark for Your Park” contest will be driven largely by community support. Active citizens and pet owners are encouraged to participate by going to www.barkforyourpark.com to log their support for their city now through June 1st. In addition to community enthusiasm, PetSafe will review the availability of land and resources as well as the overall community impact of a dog park.

PetSafe will select 15 finalists, and then it will be up to the public to “bark for your park” and vote for their favorite. The community with the most votes will receive $100,000 toward building a PetSafe dog park. PetSafe will announce the winner in August. PetSafe encourages community members to partner with local officials, animal shelters and welfare groups, animal professionals and pet owners to demonstrate the city’s dedication to its pet community.