Bald Eagles in Fort Collins Natural Areas

Last year I was blown away by a convocation of our National Bird, Bald Eagles that were at Windsor Lake from February to March/April. The first time I noticed it, I didn't believe my eyes, but sure enough there it was. The majesty of this creature cannot be stated in words. I had seen one from afar between Gunnison and Crested Butte once before, but the proximity to this one blew me away. Slowly but surely, more and more started to appear, to the point where they were there every day and just became another incredible thing that makes living in the state of Colorado such a joy. Fort Collins provides guided tours of the Fossil Creek Natural Area where you are pretty sure to see some Bald Eagles, and if you bring a camera with a strong lens, you can even get your very own photo of them. Incredible. Listen to the interview with Zoe Wyman from Fort Collins Natural Areas for details on how to have an encounter with one of nature's finest creatures. Visit their website for even more!! Fort Collins Natural Areas