Are you drinking the orange Kool-Aid? I am chugging a huge glass of it. The Broncos are back! They are winning now and will only get better. The Tim Tebow era is now off to a 3-1 start. I have not been this excited about a Bronco team in over a decade.

This is truly a “team”. They are winning with excellent defense, special teams play and a brutal running game. Sounds like old school football to me. If Red Grange were alive today, he would want to suit up and be a Bronco. Now I have heard the nay sayers say things like “I don’t like the way we are winning”. Really?!? I didn’t like the way we were losing. I know Tebow only completed 2 of 8 passes but several were dropped balls and one was a beautiful touchdown pass to Eric Decker. I will take that every week.

I remember when the Steelers and Cowboys of the 70’s were winning Super Bowls with Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach only throwing the ball 12 to 15 times a game. This is smash mouth football at its best. Nothing is more intimidating than lining up at the line of scrimmage and having the other team know exactly what you are going to do and yet you are able to do it anyway. That is the way our running game has been going, even after our top two running backs went down to injury. Very impressive work by the offensive line. The defense has been stellar as well with new comer Von Miller making a huge difference.

It will be a short week for our Broncos as they will be meeting the Jets Thursday at Mile High. The Jets will be needing a win bad after losing to the Patriots Sunday night but the Broncos need it just as bad. Here’s to grounding the Jets Thursday night. I think they can do it do you?