I have been lucky enough to spend some time with the speaker in this video. Great things happen when you sign up for seminars, or volunteer to help people perfect them.

Brooke and I ended up in a seminar together at CSU, and she in a charismatic, beautiful, ebullient person, as you will see in this video. She gives a great speech on receiving, and it is brilliant.

She has a great point. Whoever came up with the idea that it is polite to refuse the things that people want to give us was wrong. Rarely, if ever, are they giving us something we don't deserve. Rarely do they give with bad intentions.

But how often do we refuse to receive? And who do we hurt when we do so? Ourselves? The potential giver? Both?

As Brooke points out in this speech, saying 'no' when we should excitedly say 'yes!' stops a beautiful event from happening. It also can cut down on what we can receive in the future.

So, are you an excellent receiver? If not, can you become one?