I went to one of the historic gambling towns in Colorado the other day, and was shocked- like I had just won a huge jackpot!  I cashed out of a machine, and was given….. actual quarters!


Joe Raedle, Getty Images

If you've been up to any of the historic gambling towns in Colorado over the past 20-25 years, you've probably seen a lot of changes:  Casinos coming and going; the surge of live poker; a slew of different slot machines and moving from actual coins to – tickets. The sound of coins falling into the tins has had to be replicated by the machines since the casinos have gone to the cleaner, quicker and easier tickets.

So, imagine my shock the other day when I was spending a few hours and a few twenty dollar bills in Cripple Creek, and cashed out to hear and see – ‘clank-clank-clank-clank-clank-clank-clank…’  Quarters were actually being put out by this video poker machine!   This was at one of the newer casinos there in Cripple Creek, WildWood Casino Hotel; that’s what really surprised me. How could this new casino, with all its bells and whistles, still be putting out quarters?

I didn't have a bucket. I didn't even see them (I don’t know how I missed them though) earlier,  when  we were at the cashier/Customer Relations desk signing up for their VIP club.  So, here I had like $20 in quarters that I had to stash into my shorts and waddle from the video poker to the cashier.  Not fun.

I called the casino the next day and spoke with one of their managers, Matt. He explained that it’s only at that one bar that I had sat down at, that they dispense quarters- just those four machines.  He said that they still have a small customer base that still enjoys the sound and handling of the quarters, so they thought they’d try to accommodate.

I guess I can see how an older crowd would want to come in, sit at the bar, and play some video poker. Which is exactly what I was doing..  I guess I’m getting ….old..

Buddy, can you spare a quarter?