If you are ever short a knife in the kitchen, just grab your MacBook Air? Apparently it has an edge sharp enough for culinary cutting and it’s proven in some YouTube videos. The MacBook Air has been used to slice apples, carrots and shrimp, according to CNN.

Apple’s ultra-lightweight laptop computer has become the star of a few bizarre online cooking videos in recent years, with the latest showing the pointed edge of the contoured laptop being used to hack up carrots, apples, baby corn, mushrooms and even shrimp. (For some reason, the shrimp just make this seem all the weirder.)

“I’m definitely not suggesting that you try it at home, but — if the following videos are to be trusted — you could use your MacBook Air as a knife if there were a cooking emergency and every other sharp-edged object disappeared from your kitchen,” writes Rosa Golijan, who called our attention to this trend with her post on the MSNBC blog “Gadgetbox.”

[ via CNN.com ]