According to some information around the web, Apple could have the next biggest change in the way we watch television. Some experts say it could be "the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone."

So what are technology experts saying about the new way we might watch TV?

According to Munster, the new product could be a quantum leap forward for TV design — simply a “sheet of glass – no edges or bevels” — and could be voice-controlled, using technology like Siri, Apple’s iPhone virtual assistant. (It’s possible that Apple takes an incremental step and updates the Apple TV set-top box this week when it launches the new iPad 3, saving the actual launch of a new TV monitor until the fall.)

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In recent years, some consumers are moving to streaming television shows and over-the-air broadcasts to watch the picture box and moving from traditional cable or satellite or adding the internet to their traditional broadcast signal.

That had me thinking, how do you watch televsion?