It wasn’t an iPhone 5 announcement after all, but Apple did unveil details of an updated version of it’s popular iPhone, the iPhone 4S set to be released next week. Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook presented information on the new device at the much anticipated event earlier today.

Cook said the latest iPhone, which came out in June 2010, sold more quickly than previous models, but the iPhone remains just 5 percent of the worldwide handset market.

Apple is hoping to grow that with a new model. The new iPhone 4S has an improved camera with a higher-resolution sensor. The processor is faster, which helps run smoother, more realistic action games. It’s also a “world phone,” which means that Verizon iPhones will be able to useable overseas, just as AT&T iPhones already are.

The new iPhone also comes with new mobile software, iOS 5, that includes such features as the ability to sync content wirelessly, without having to plug the device to a Mac or Windows machine.

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Apple also talked about the release of an updated iPod Nano with new features and a promise that the Nano will be easier to navigate according to reports.

So when AND WHERE can you get the LATEST iPhone?

Pre-orders for iPhone 4S start Friday, and the phone launches Oct. 14. It will be available on Sprint as well as AT&T and Verizon.

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