Maxim magazine always has a section devoted to new and cool gizmos and gadgets, but most of them are unaffordable items like flying cars though. That made me think that there must be some really cool inventions that we don't hear about very often that the "working man" can get his hands on. I found this cool website called simply Although some of the stuff they feature is way too high priced for this guy or maybe just plain useless, there is some pretty cool stuff. You know, the kind of stuff we should have thought of, but never did. So after looking through all the "junk" features I picked a few items to through on my August Christmas list (could change by December).

Simple stuff here, a flip flop that has a built in wallet to hide and carry your valuables when you head to the beach. The downfall with these bad boys would have to be the look. Not the most stylish flip flop I have ever seen, but you'll be happy to have them when you get home and still have all your loot.

Another one of those "why didn't I think of that" items. An umbrella with a fan! Everyone has an umbrella on there deck to block out the sun. Why? Because the sun is hot. So, why not shade yourself and get some airflow under that shade too! A brilliant idea that i can see becoming a common occurrence on many decks in the near future!

I am a doughnut freak, and I don't know if you have ever tried to make these little buggers, but it's not easy! A machine that does it for me, and spits out 30 masterpieces in 90 seconds could slowly become my favorite appliance ever! Throw away your bread makers, the Easy-Bake Ovens, and grandma's old doughnut recipe and make room for daddy's new toy, The Automatic Mini Donut Factory.

Every time I try to make a paper airplane for my 3 year old daughter I feel like a failure when the thing flies two feet before taking a nose dive to her dismay. I finally found a solution to this ever growing problem with an electric kit that turns what was once junk into a real machine. The only problem now will be keeping my plane from knocking over items that are probably worth a lot more than it.

Be sure to check out, and don't forget that Christmas is only 137 shopping days away!