Another 80s weekend is coming your way on TRI 102.5. While I steer away from controversial topics so as not to disrupt the universe, I feel this weekend is as good as any to wade into uncharted, disputed waters. 

Granted when I heard that we would be playing 80's Music all weekend long, I was both thrilled for the reminiscing but also sure that I wouldn't know much of it except for a few songs on the soundtracks of some of my favorite movies, thank you, Kenny Loggins.  I was just a wee, little Alana in the 80's but one thing I knew quite well were my Saturday morning and after school cartoons.  Why don't we have those anymore?  I digress.  Shows were so entertaining in the 80's, or should I say; I was easily entertained.


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    Developed in Belgium, the Smurfs were little blue creatures that brought me so much joy.  I just knew that I could be Smurfette when I got older.  The Smurfs' witty scams to outsmart Gargamel and his cat, Azrael, were the epitome of how to avoid a bully.


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    Alvin and the Chipmunks

    ALVIIIIINNNNN!!!!  Struggled to put this on the list because of how many remakes we have had of this cartoon. Alvin, always the troublemaker, and his brothers Simon, the smart one, and Theodore, the kind, hungry one, had a family dynamic that you could find in most any house. At the time, I just loved getting troublemaking ideas from Alvin.

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    Inspector Gadget

    I have no idea why this cartoon only lasted two seasons. What is there not to love about a clumsy bionic police inspector who only solves cases because of his niece and dog?

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    I love cats. Heathcliff was every bit a jerk as most cats. He had street smarts, spent most of his time trying to get food but at the end of the day, Heathcliff was a pretty good dude.

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    Who didn't want to dive into Scrooge McDuck's money pit?  Before I knew that it wasn't possible to have a pit full of money and yet to realize the physical ramifications of jumping into a bunch of gold, that money pit seemed like a great idea.