It's a sad day today for Northern Colorado travelers.  Shortly after noon today, Allegiant Airlines departed Loveland-Fort Collins Airport, never to return.

The airline cited safety concerns as their reasoning for no longer flying to (or from) our local airport.

Since then, rumors have spread that Allegiant may begin flying from Cheyenne.  However, it looks like those rumors are false, according to the Coloradoan.

The Cheyenne airport is at a higher elevation than Loveland-Fort Collins; and Cheyenne airport manager Dave Haring says that can cause complications for some airplanes.

“As you get higher, the performance characteristic of airplanes becomes more challenging,” Haring said. “The lift isn’t necessarily as good,” which can cause problems in the summer heat.

Haring said he’s had several calls from passengers, and even TSA employees, about Allegiant flying into Cheyenne. “I have absolutely no confirmation of that.”

Speaking as a person who frequently flew to Las Vegas with Allegiant, I'll continue to hope that either Cheyenne picks them up; or even better, that another commercial airline decides to service Loveland-Fort Collins.  In the meantime, though, looks like I'll be flying out of Denver for my honeymoon, which kinda makes me sad.