The recent MLB scandal reminds me of one of my mom's favorite sayings. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Meaning, until I am perfect, I should refrain from pointing out or focusing on others' imperfections.

Billy Joel brought the idea to light beautifully on his very seminal, Grammy award winning Glass Houses record from 1980.

Listen to the very first part of this song from Billy Joel's That is the sound of glass being broken by a rock.

My mom always brought this up whenever I would criticize someone when I was a child. "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

I am not supporting the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball. I am just saying that my love for the sport combined with my MANY imperfections prevents me from commenting in a critical way. I have lots of shortcomings, much like the people who are wrapped up in this scandal.

So, when I hear the story, I sort of ignore it and look for the good news coming out of baseball, like my Pittsburgh Pirates being the number one team in baseball as I publish this!

Go Bucs!