Kids and Easter egg hunts. They go hand in hand!

It's one of those things that adults make you do so they can laugh at your adorability.

I found three videos of really cute kids collecting their booty!

Come take a look!

Toddlers really don't seem to get the concept:  The Easter Bunny has 'hidden' some eggs for them to find! The faster the better, but if it takes you a while- that's OK too.

Below, __________, Reese and Issac get their eggs on at the 'egging' of the adults... a lot of fun- watch!

Now Reese?  She enjoys clapping after finding her treasures!

Issac?  Issac is almost in the run of his life- racing to get his Elmo filled with eggs!

No wonder there are so many Easter Egg Hunts in Northern Colorado! Have FUN!