After sitting unused since 2007, the old Albertsons building in central Greeley has been sold.  So what does the new owner have planned for the 41,000-square-foot property?

The Greeley Tribune reports that Mike Crowley of Layton, Utah, bought the building at 2325 23rd Ave. last month for $600,000.

“I’m not sure we've formulated a plan,” Crowley said in a phone interview Wednesday. “We have some interest in parts of it, and depending on how it comes together… I have considered a grocery store, but I wouldn't do the whole thing as one.”

Crowley said among the businesses interested in the space are several athletic clubs; but they each want a different proportion of the property, hence Crowley's uncertainty about how everything will pan out.

But one thing's for sure: That abandoned building won't be abandoned much longer!

Which stores and businesses would you like to see at this location?  Let us know in the comments!