Sometimes beauty can come from tragedy. We need to be reminded of that in this world sometimes.

Now this is a crazy story; the kind you almost never see revealed.

Melissa Dohme was stabbed in the face, neck, and arms 32 times outside of her home in Florida by her then boyfriend. A couple happened to be walking by and helped to stop the attack on Dohme. They then immediately called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital. While there she flat lined 4 times and had 12 pints of blood transfused.

Miraculously she recovered and she began seeking out the people that had helped to save her life so that she could personally thank them. When she was going around thanking people, she met one of the first responders that had arrived at the scene and helped to save her life. In that moment, beauty was was conceived out of unthinkable tragedy as the two fell in love. She had met her prince charming!

What an awesome story out of such a tragedy. It is unfortunate that something that tragic had to happen, but it is awesome that she found happiness and love out of something so horrible.