While Drew was filling in for me, something he should become accustomed to as we move into snow season, he asked a question about our morning routines. There are a few things that I really like to do in order to have a great morning and a great day. Sometimes I skip them, but I'm at my best and happiest when I stick to my routine.

Chia Smoothie

Chia is the first thing I want in my body in the morning

The benefits of chia are being touted by everyone these days, and I'm on board. The increased fiber and how it very quickly affects our digestive system is the most obvious affect. If you take it, you know what I mean. You notice it by the way things come out of you, and that generally happens pretty quickly. For me, it's that plus the energy boost I feel when I have it. I also notice that I drag a little bit when I don't have it.

Paul's Chia Shake

Mila - a high quality chia mixture

2/3 milk

1/3 juice



Blend extremely well, at least 30 seconds to a minute for smoothest smoothie results

Positive Affirmation

Call me a new waver, or whatever you want. I believe that I have good days when I intend to have good days. I believe that my thoughts are the most important thing in which I traffic. So, most days, on my 20 minute commute to work, I listen to audio books that inspire me. Nothing like some good solid positive affirmation a few hours before the sun comes up.

My favorites

Fruit and Nuts

Our brains lose glucose and protein every hour and can almost always use more

I rise in the middle of the night. I start work before most people are even thinking about getting out of bed. Giving myself the best chance at success means I have to provide my body with what it needs to function. And those needs are simple; glucose, fructose, protein, other things that come from good raw food. I nibble all morning, hopefully feeding my brain with what it takes to stay on my toes.


Of course, for a morning show host, coffee is king!

In order to make sure that I don't fool myself into thinking I'm awake and alert because of the caffeine rush, I don't go straight to the java. I have to force myself to do this, but I make sure that I have eaten some raw food, hopefully had some chia, and drank at least a little bit of water before I dive into the coffee. Oh, how I love it though. I can tell when I'm caffeine deficient because I'll trip over my words. It is the icing on my morning cake.

The Internet

I probably couldn't be much more dependent on the internet

As soon as I arrive, I open about 10 windows and my email, and I see what is happening in the world. I have only been on the air for one year that the internet wasn't the main source of information. I started in 1996, and by the time I had my first full time gig in 1998, there was high speed internet all ready to go. If the internet is down, which it is from time to time, well, then so am I.