I sat on that lid and imagined a slew of cold beverages beneath me- awaiting my victory in the 2014 Townsquare Media Cooler Races

With TRI-102.5’s My Dad Rocks contest - one of the prizes the entered dads could win is a Cruzin Cooler from Cruzin Cooler of Colorado! The other day, they were nice enough to bring over a few of their models for the staff to check out. Now, these were the next level up of coolers than what we’re giving away with the contest, but if your dad wins – he can easily pay the difference and get a really gutsy Cruzin Cooler! 

Drew and I were set to race our assigned coolers. It sounds strange right there - racing our coolers. Oh well, radio is like that - crazy and weird events! I changed into my ‘summer racing’ attire: Shorts, sneakers, a fedora and a cycle racing shirt. Let’s do this!

We all agreed on the course - north in the parking lot, around the cones and then back toward the Main Street side of the lot to the finish line.

Those coolers (the ones we had that day, anyway) really have some get-up-and-go! I hit the gas and staggered to gain control, as Drew flew by. He’s younger - he gets gadgets like this - I remember thinking no one was going to top the Walkman! I gain control of my cooler - and ease my way around the cones with surgical precision – while outpacing Drew to boot! I come out of the turn, and give it the gas —“Here we go!” I thought to myself. I had it in the bag. THEN, I hear Drew’s cooler catching up! He’s making his move! But the parking lot was ending - and the street was approaching! I began to slow my cooler. Drew must have channeled his inner Cole Trickle: He just guned that cooler towards the finish line. He wins! But he overshot the track, and ended up out on the street! That’s cooler racin,’ I guess!

Nice job, Cole.. err. Drew!  Until next year!