9NEWS anchor, Kyle Dyer who was bit by a dog on live TV during an interview on Wednesday morning was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon. Dyer underwent reconstructive surgery Wednesday. Though Kyle can not speak at this time due to the dog bite on her lip, she has been writing notes on an iPad letting everyone know she is OK according to 9NEWS.com.

Thursday afternoon, the owners of the dog that bit the 9NEWS veteran released a statement about the incident:

There's been a tremendous amount of interest in Max's story. However, there has been some misinformation reported by some news media and on the Internet about Max.

For the record, Max is current in his vaccinations. Max has no history of aggression. Max is a gentle, loving, family dog. Max is well mannered and obedient and he hardly barks. This incident truly is unfortunate and does not reflect Max's disposition towards people.

[ via 9news.com ]

According to 9NEWS, there has been an overwhelming amount of well-wishes for Dyer and she is expected to return to the air in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Max, an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff is being held in quarantine for 10 days at a Denver animal shelter. Michael Robinson, Max's owner is scheduled to appear in court on April. 4.

“We hope that the incident of Max falling through the ice serves as a reminder to all responsible pet-owners to keep their dogs on-leash,” the Robinsons said, “And we all have learned more about interacting with a family pet in stressful situations.“