As a wedding DJ, I deal with many brides. While I have no clue what happens on most of their big bachelorette party nights, I often wonder.

My guess is that they toe the line between good ol' girlfriend fun and total debauchery. These Instagram photos seem to confirm that.

Do the snake! Wait, what? Oh yeah, it's a pole dancing class.


They seem to be more and more popular these days!

Okay, enough pregame, onto the festivities! Let's put some of what we learned in 'class' into use!


Is that Magic Mike?


Somehow, there weren't many scandalous pics with the #bacheloretteparty hashtag. But something happened to these girls last night. I can just tell.


You know it's been a night (not sure if it's good or bad) when the girls have to lay their heads down on the table at the restaurant the next day. What is that girl texting? "We can't find the bachelorette....and she's supposed to get married in 6 hours!"


The caption in this one said something like "My girls know how to party!"