There are thirty Major League Baseball ballparks in the U.S. and Canada. Coors Field is consistently ranked one of the best for fan experience.

Here's how it looks, unfiltered. Wait, it these photos are actually quite filtered, because they come from Instagram #coloradorockies

Who goes to the game? The whole fam and friends!

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Nothing says U.S. of A. like a statUe of a baSebAll player outside a great American ballpark.

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Sunset games. Ahhhhh!

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Something frosty to drink, perhaps?

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joolz-goolz also hashtagged #hotbaseballplayers, so we think she may be a fan of Josh Rutledge off the field as well!

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Coors Field is one of the best attended ballparks in America, so to have this much room to stretch out, it had to be a weekday game. Oh, wait, the mower is still on the field. Someone arrived in time for batting practice. Looks wonderful!

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