Ah, beauty. How do we define thee?

When it comes to humans, it comes in every different way, shape and form. Here are 6 on Instagram that hashtagged #Colorado for one reason or another. Whether you are here or there, people, you are looking GOOD!

Here's deedeediz,looking like she just came from the beauty salon.

Instagram - deedeediz

Next is normal_me1. Pure beauty.

Instagram - normal_me1

How about a couple? What a sweet boyfriend _ninja_boy1 must make. He posted this photo and said something like "My gf is a babe!"

Instagram - _ninja_boy1

To the skatepark! Shaggy, wood pushing, baggy-t-shirt-wearing beauty.

Instagram - oakleycolorado

Finally, is it me, or does this look like a fashion ad?

Instagram - jackboni

Stay beautiful, Colorado!!