A new report has come out that shows that women still earn, on average, 82% less than their male counterparts. Reasons for the pay gap are cited in the article.

Women earn less for a several reasons, experts say, including their college majors, occupation and the number of hours they work. Today, women still tend to enter lower-paid fields such as education and social sciences, while men typically major in engineering and computer science.

If you aren't earning what you think you should, whether you are a man or a woman, I have the best piece of advice in the world that will help you get what you want. ASK FOR IT!

Gender and other distinguishing characteristics aren't what keep people from making the money they want. The reason people don't make the money they want is because  they believe things like 'I make less money because I am a woman,' or, 'I would like to make more money, but can't'. Buying into such statements is much more damaging than being born with a lot of estrogen. Come on! Estrogen is great, and the producers of it can earn just as much as their testosterone creating counterparts.

While the 'good ol' boys' club still exists, there has never been so much opportunity and equality, especially in America. The simple fact is that there is more need than than talent out there. Or, as one very rich person once said to me, 'there is more money than good ideas.'

Here are 3 ways to earn more money. I have put them into practice in the past three years, and our household income has gone up by almost 100%.

1. Ask for it

If you don't ask, you won't get, and that's a guarantee. Read up on negotiation, or even take a negotiation course. I suggest the teachings of Marshall Thurber. I took his 'Activate Your Negotiation Superpowers' course at Colorado State University and it helped me immensely. The thing about negotiation is you must learn about it before you have any pending negotiations, because when the time comes to do it, you won't have time to take the course or read the book. Opportunity comes unexpectedly, like, "Hey Paul, our midday person is leaving, and we want to interview you to start next week." There won't be time to take a course before that interview, so learn now, benefit later.

2. Be Great Now

Chances are you are making pretty close to exactly what you deserve. Wallace Wattles, in his seminal 1911 work The Science of Being Great, stated that until we more than fill the role we are in, we won't move forward. Are you bigger than your job? Are you bursting out of your current situation with your greatness everyday? If not, don't expect a windfall of cash to come your way. Waiting until you are in the perfect job or career or business doesn't do it. Be great now, where you are, and greater things will find you.

3. Believe You Deserve It

The Universe is amazingly adept at giving us just what we expect. If you want to make more money, you have to believe that you are worth more money! You are what you think you are. This is a many layered aspect of the equation. Some feel guilty or greedy when trying to convince themselves that it is okay to desire money. Of all the three mentioned here, this is the toughest one. Anyone can learn negotiation. Anyone can step up their performance. It's much more difficult to overcome old programs, especially when those programs have taught you that you aren't worth it, or that desiring money means you are greedy.

4. Read, Study, Learn

There has never been more information that was easier to access on all subjects, including making money. There have never been more people out there who want to help you make more money. Be careful about who you trust. Some are just hacks that are in the business with their own interest at heart. But don't be too skeptical. Take some courses. Read some books. Not only will it teach you things, but it will also get you thinking about making more money, which helps in itself.

5. Dream!

I create photo montages of things I want. They are mostly powder days. Allow yourself to imagine you with exactly what you want. Shop in the stores that you would want to if you had enough money. Test drive your dream car. Spend some money (responsibly) on yourself to have a taste of what it will be like when you are living the life of your dreams. Every invention, innovation and accomplishment started as a thought in a person's head. Allow the thoughts of what you want to be into your mind, and celebrate them!

What do you think of these ideas?